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Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

Autonomous photovoltaic systems are ideal for installations located away from the electricity distribution network and are not capable of being connected to it. The energy produced is used exclusively for self-consumption and storage in battery packs, which essentially determine the days of autonomy. They have great adaptability, reliability and durability. They have a high yield with very short depreciation.




Domestic Interconnected Photovoltaics

Networked photovoltaic systems generate electricity that is sold directly to the power grid without being stored locally in batteries. The current that the photovoltaic generates gives it to the electricity grid, it is offset against the electricity consumed and the remaining amount is credited to the account every four months. When there is a power failure, the system automatically shuts down for safety reasons.





Self-Production with Energy Offsetting from Renewable Energy Sources (Net-Metering) is applicable to residential and small businesses, in which the electricity produced by photovoltaics is offset by the current consumed by the owner on an annual basis. . When annual output exceeds annual consumption, excess energy is provided free of charge on the grid. The company is able to design and install the ideal Net-Metering system for your space to ensure you the maximum savings possible.





The experienced team of OIKO ENERGY has the appropriate knowledge in the field of wind energy assessment, energy design, design and implementation of successful wind power projects. Wind farms are comprised of a number of wind turbines that exploit the constant movement of air for rotation and simultaneous generation of electricity.

The power delivered by each wind turbine depends on one of its technical characteristics and on the one hand on the intensity and density of the wind. The proper study of the wind potential of the area is the most important factor for the efficient operation of the park.

As the wind farm composition budget is usually quite high, OIKO ENERGY combines construction with subsidized programs to make it an even more profitable and affordable investment.




Earth is the largest solar energy collector available. The geothermal sector deals with the exploitation of this kind of energy through systems that utilize the stable soil temperature to provide heating, cooling and hot water to homes and other building facilities.

The exploitation of subsoil energy can be done by using Geothermal Heat Pumps so that we heat the rooms in the winter and cool them in the summer. The shallow geothermal energy is available all year round and does not depend on the weather conditions of the atmosphere. Geothermal energy is inexhaustible, of course pure and is provided free of charge by nature.
The shape and choice of the geothermal heat exchanger are determined by the needs of your home, its extent, its surroundings and its geological character. These criteria also suggest the corresponding geothermal system (horizontal, vertical, open). The high efficiency of geothermal pumps makes them extremely economical in their use and guarantees their continuous operation throughout the year. Our experience from the studies and installations we have implemented in the field of geothermal energy, guarantees a sound technical installation and a proper, efficient, economical operation.



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